General Liability Coverage

There are certain liabilities when operating a commercial vehicle that General Liability insurance covers. These common business risks include things like: Customer Injury, Customer Property Damage, and Advertising Injury. Having this type of insurance protects your small business from the potentially high costs of lawsuits and will help you qualify for leases and contracts.

Customer Injuries In the unfortunate event that a customer or delivery person slips and falls at your warehouse, or other property, there’s potential you could be blamed for the injury. If the person decides to sue, you may be required to pick up the tab for medical bills and the cost of an attorney. General liability insurance covers the following:
- Medical expenses
- Attorney’s fees
- Court-ordered judgments
- Funeral expenses in fatal incidents

Customer Property Damage Your General Liability policy will cover expenses and protect your business when customer property is accidentally damaged in the course of normal business events.


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